Artist’s Statement

The Modern World of Contemporary realities imposes on our societies the necessities of constant adaptation to the unstoppable technological progress in every aspect of human activities. In my artwork, I nourish my creativity with the effects of these changes. The omnipresent pollution of our consciousness by the commodities of the commerciality of our existence inspires my artistic visions.

In my artwork I am expressing the world of convenience and ridicule. Through the combination of different aesthetics I am searching to achieve the chromatic harmony with the subjectivity of my creative imagery. I like to combine the drawing and painting techniques in my artworks in order to do new with the harmony of the old.

My research involves the allegoric perception of Contemporary realities surrounding me perceived through the poetry of mythical tales. In my recent paintings, I focus on the background as principal surface reflecting the sublime interpretation of my traveling experiences. The fragmented figurative elements added to the chromatic structure of the canvas complete the poetic narrative composed from images registered in my subconscious. The seemingly disorganized application of color on canvas expresses the transferred realities of visited places and reflects their architectural diversity.

I am interested in research of new forms of artistic expression in painting and drawing. This scientific and intellectual approach to chromatic and linear symbolism reflecting the state of artistic perception and its intrinsic unity is for me an exciting field of creative exploration.

Andre Pijet