Books created by Andre Pijet

Who could forget the memorable series, which in 1993, in a quarter final pitted the Quebec Nordiques against the Montreal Canadiens? At that moment, hockey frenzy reached its apex. Andre Pijet's caricatures in La Presse documented this unforgettable encounter, punctuating each moment of the drama. They can all be found in this album, together with other drawings, immortalizing with affectionate irony the ephemeral heroes of canadien national sport. Beyond the moment and the players, Pijet's look at hockey is like a safety valve for a collective passion.

Comics book Satirical story about the last leaving tree on the Earth, full of unexpected events ,spiced up with humoristic view of our technologically advanced society . Nice light entertainment with educative aspects concerning major environmental issues, for children, parents and readers in general. Great start to friendly discussion about the most important aspects of our environmentally friendly future.

Humoristic story about rivalry between two villages and theirs hockey teams. put in the fantasist world, where all conflicts between different clans were resolved on the ice, playing hockey games rather than fighting wars. Two inseparable friends, Rondel and Baton, trying to keep the highest trophy in the world of Hockey The Cup of Money, in their village. In this story, fantasy doesn't have a limits, everything is possible. Action, adventure and fun for all readers. There are some references to the real events and personalities from history of hockey. Basics characters refer to real known personalities. Action, adventure and fun for all readers.

Retrospective voyage trough the collection of cartoons published in different countries, devided by different subjects concerning politics, environment, social issues, music, sport and some unpublished work. Universal composition of artistic research trough the time. Images, which never get old. Winner of the 1st prize, Casino Beringen, Belgium 1996.

Collection of satirical paintings, illustrating the complexity of love relationships. The fantasist surrealistic world of love, is shown in 44 oil paintings. Artist is walking us trough visual dialogue of his own thoughts, about the different aspects and particularities of the state we are, when in love. Spiced up with short satirical poems written by Diane Lafrance. High quality publication. Excellent paper and print quality. Excellent gift for all of those who are, or were and will be in love one day. Winner of the porcelain pencil for the best foreign book, 2001 St-Just-Le-Martel, France.

Studio-based research reflecting on the role that satiric imagery plays in fostering knowledge and visual literacy.

Black & White publication. Collection of humoristic drawings about funny aspects of love relationships. Great fun, ideal gift to anybody who is, was or will experience this funny state of human mind, which name is LOVE. The images say all.