Fantasy World
Exploring the Imaginary: A Glimpse into the Fantasy World of Drawing Embark on a visual journey with me as I share the sketches that constitute my daily artistic practice. These drawings are more than mere exercises; they are windows into the fantastical realms of my...
When You Can See It, You Can Draw It – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Draw.
This book contains the knowledge of what one should know about learning the realistic drawing skills. From 252 pages, 230 of them has the essential step by step instructions of how to process when one wants to master the realistic drawing skills. It is the entire...


According to some scholars Annibale Carracci is the father of caricature. The way Carracci painted the features of human faces have certain characteristics of the caricature. Leonardo da Vinci and Giuseppe Archimboldo were also fascinated by the facial deformations. The sketches of their models could lead to such conclusion.

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