Fantasy World

December 10, 2023

Exploring the Imaginary: A Glimpse into the Fantasy World of Drawing

Embark on a visual journey with me as I share the sketches that constitute my daily artistic practice. These drawings are more than mere exercises; they are windows into the fantastical realms of my imagination.

Inspired by Wisdom and Myth

Within the spectrum of my fantasy lies a non-existing world that unfolds with each stroke of the pencil. My inspiration draws from the wellsprings of ancient wisdom, notably the Bible, and a myriad of myths, with a special affinity for the enchanting narratives of Greek mythology. From my early years, the portrayal of deities in human-like forms in the Greek myths has fueled my artistic fascination.

The Fascination of Creative Exploration

Capturing anything my creative mind envisions is an enthralling pursuit. While I harbor a desire to paint these imaginative vistas, the immediacy of drawing and sketching aligns more seamlessly with the demands of my daily life. For me, the essence lies in capturing these non-existing worlds that my mind traverses. I am profoundly grateful for the ability to translate my imagination onto paper and share these visions.

Mastering Realistic Drawing Skills

This creative capability is not exclusive; anyone can embark on a similar journey. However, the first step is to acquire the foundational skills of realistic drawing. My book, “When You Can See It, You Can Draw It,” published last year, encapsulates the essential knowledge required to master the art of sketching and drawing.

Explore the World of Imagination

For those eager to dive into the depths of imagination, my book is available for purchase on my website and can be found in the library of the Fine Arts Museum of Montréal. Unleash your creativity, learn the art of visualization, and begin your own exploration of the boundless realms that drawing can unveil.