When You Can See It, You Can Draw It – A Comprehensive Guide on How to Draw.

July 27, 2022

This book contains the knowledge of what one should know about learning the realistic drawing skills. From 252 pages, 230 of them has the essential step by step instructions of how to process when one wants to master the realistic drawing skills. It is the entire course of learning how to draw. I present in this publication my philosophy and the style of teaching the realistic drawing skills. In addition to the essentials, I also explain how to make an anamorphic drawings and basic lines of drawing the caricatures. You going to find in my book information about how to draw everything. It is one of the first publication where the curvilinear perspective is explained along with the one, two and three vanishing points projections. I also included the axonometric, isometric, orthogonal, and oblique presentation of the 3D forms. In addition to it you going to find how to draw in scale, and how to make the explosive and cross views. Regarding the human corps you going to learn at what and how to look and construct any part of the human form. It is the only book where each subject is explained analytically, as I do during my drawing teaching sessions. In my philosophy of drawing teaching everyone can learn to draw as soon as one begin to see what one is looking at. My role as a teacher is to teach my students to see and think first and draw later. So, it is completely different approach than the one taught at most Western art schools today. In some way my style of teaching the skills of drawing represents the Eastern European style. To conclude, you going to learn from my book how to draw what is really in front of your eyes, and not what you think is there. This is a very important distinction between these two so different visual perceptions. Follow my You Tube Channel where in few sessions I will go through my book and explain its various parts.

The realistic drawing skills should be taught from fourth grade up through the rest of the remaining school years, regardless the chosen profession, because the realistic drawing skills develop the cognitive visual perception of our body and its mind. This is particularly important in our age of the digital world, which kills in our children their manual abilities.

So, smile and begin learning to draw.

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