April 12, 2011

Apocalipsis, is an experimental concept to exhibit various artworks, which are composed thematically together, in a form of visual disorder through which I intend to communicate to the viewer various facts concerning our contemporary realities through the pedagogy of metamorphic imagery. The socio-economic rush for fast growth absorbs entirely our socio-political structures by the constantly growing dependence on technological development, which transforms our social interactions into a different platform of the digital world. Through my artwork I am referring to various aspects of our existence and I am reflecting on it by showing how our life is affected by digital technology. The purpose of such a display is to expose the absurdity of our situation where nothing can be done to prevent the destruction of the world we know. There is no point of return because the overwhelmed economic forces slowly but consistently are taking over our freedom of choice by invading our personal independence with a variety of electronic tools, of which the main role is to replace the natural by the virtual. We are all effected by this development and many of us enjoy it. It is easy and seems so beautiful and “natural.” I do not aspire to change the world or promote revolutionary change, but through my creative imagery I am trying to say that we all should be concerned about it as we all are the authors of our contemporary realities. We are all participating in our own beautiful and comfortable destruction of our minds. We all write the book of our future on the endless pages of the utopian dreams with which digital technology nourishes us. It is what inspires my creative quest as an artist and educator.

I chose to conclude my display by my own interpretation of the Albrecht Dürer’s artwork, which illustrates The Revelation of St John’s number 4, The Four Riders of the Apocalypse. The painting summarizes my artistic intervention into the viewer’s cognitive space by exposing her/him to a provocative depiction of social interrelations, which are viewed by me as an apocalyptic process of learning about ourselves. My decision to disregard the aesthetic canons of artistic display and take the risk to experience an aesthetic disorder permitted me to cross the border of my creative limitations and open space for learning the freedom of artistic gesture. I sincerely believe that by doing so I provoked questions and disagreements, and if it did my artistic experience has been successfully completed.

I would like to conclude my statement with a quote from John Dewey’s book Art as Experience (2005), “Experience is the result, the sign, and the reward of that interaction of organism and environment which, when it is carried to the full, is a transformation of interaction into participation and communication.”

Click here to see the artwork.

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