At the mid of June 2012, I received an invitation to participate in an open competition for a mural project for the new Google office, in Montreal. The proposal sparked my curiosity and I responded positively. Soon after I got invited to have an introductory tour of the Google establishment and an introduction to the project. I met with the person in charge who introduced me to Google’s interior design philosophy of the working space. The particularity of the interior arrangement of Montreal’s office fascinated me. It was a stunning experience. I can only say that Google’s working environment should be an example to follow by all companies, which look for an answer how to inspire the productive performance of their employees.

I present the satirical portrait of Deleuze in the context of his philosophical writings with emphasis on his rhizome theory.

The concept: Camera Bianca: Relational Me was born as a composite of various inspirations of which the leading force was the Marcel Duchamp’s final farewell artwork titled Étant donnés (1946-1966).

Apocalipsis, is an experimental concept to exhibit various artworks, which are composed thematically together, in a form of visual disorder through which I intend to communicate to the viewer various facts concerning our contemporary realities through the pedagogy of metamorphic imagery.

Following the path of appropriated and partially modified quote from Deleuze and Guattari I am researching to … extract something I call myself. Influenced by my present studies at Concordia University I am tempted to exteriorize in visual form the creative process of my studying and researching for my own character of creative expression. Through the metaphoric visual language of color and line I explore and apprehend the process of my learning.

La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic of Venice. It was once a significant military naval power of the Adriatic and the Northeast part of the Mediterranean Sea. The architectural beauty of Venice is as fascinating today as it has been through all her extraordinary past.

The exposition Metamorphic Impressions consists from a collection of drawings and paintings created of my artistic imaginary voyage through the surrounding me Modern realities. I have chosen to express my concerns through the images of Ovid’s “Metamorphosis.” Ovid’s mythological history of the world, in addition to other mythological and historical sources, inspires my artistic quest.

The subject of Love in our Western culture is commercially visualized as cute, sweet, beautiful, and happy.I approached the theme of Love from the other side. Through the surrealistic and satirical regard on various states of humans mind in love I wanted to reflect my own perception of the Love ups and downs as I see them.

Mixed media, color pencils and acrylic paint. Artwork inspired by the picture of Edward Sherrif Curtis "An Oasis in the Badlands"

Painting portraits is my favor exercise to explore the facial characteristics of my friends, family, and various personalities.

Series of artworks created for publications and Gallery Arte Bella