La Serenissima

January 24, 2010

La Serenissima, The Most Serene Republic of Venice. It was once a significant military naval power of the Adriatic and the Northeast part of the Mediterranean Sea. The architectural beauty of Venice is as fascinating today as it has been through all her extraordinary past. Its socio-political and cultural history might serve to many politicians as an example of coherent thinking. The social system of the Venetian society in the past could be an example to many socio-political structures of our Contemporary world. The city from its early establishment had to fight for surviving in the barbarian world by which it was surrounded. Its republican structure lasted through the centuries until it was interrupted by the Napoleon in the 1789.

The Contemporary Venice is hosting the most important Biennial of Contemporary Art in the World today. The beauty of this city is irresistible to anyone, especially to all creative souls.

In the series of paintings La Serenissima, inspired by my first visit in Venice, I want to visualize the traces of the historic time imprisoned in the surface of the city facades. I want to express the poetic ambiance of thy city-fragmented surfaces adding to its exterior the fragmentary images of my subconscious memories. I am looking to express the sublime allegory of Venetian heritage and try to combine the Venetian historic past with its Contemporary realities. It is for me the search for the temps perdu, which I want to visualize in Contemporary way in my recent artwork.

To see the selection of La Serenissima paintings click here.

Original artwork is available for sell in my Art Gallery

La Serenissima, Impression.

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