January 28, 2001

The subject of Love in our Western culture is commercially visualized as cute, sweet, beautiful, and happy. Also, Love is often associated with such product of human invention as a chocolate, which is considered as a stimulating aphrodisiac. The wildly spread glorification of this particular state of our mind is presented to us mostly as an extraordinary feeling for another person ignoring its gender. The Saint-Valentine was a martyr, about whom we do not know much, and he was buried the 14th of February in Rome. The Western creativity maid him a symbolic personality associated him symbolically with the feast of Love. The theme of Love in the history of human culture inspired many creative individuals to write, paint, sculpt, and sung about it. I approached the theme of Love from the other side. Through the surrealistic and satirical regard on various states of humans mind in love I wanted to reflect my own perception of the Love ups and downs as I see them. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling one can experience in condition that it is reciprocal; otherwise it could be anenormous suffering leading even to the states of madness and obsession. Very often feelings as jealousy and worries about the honesty of the loved ones could drain out the fragile minds of those who are insecure about themselves.

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