January 21, 2010

Portraiture, is to me the most fascinating form of artistic activity. During my travels I always carry with me a cornet where I constantly sketch different faces trying to register the moment of time through the facial imagery. I always feel as I am stilling from the portrayed individuals their moment of a passing time. When after I look at them back I have the ultimate power to rewind their existence in my life. Furthermore, I am rewinding the happy moments I had the chance to live. To portray the human face is one of the most demanding and most difficult to paint. Drawing or painting a portrait demands a total concentration of our mind, only then we will be able to understand the surface of the face in order to paint it well. To paint a good portrait demands to study the person, study his face, get him to know. It is the best to have a model posing for you as for anything we paint, Painting from pictures kills our creative psychological sensibility. To paint from the flatness of the photographic image is cheating our creative perception.

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